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The progress circle becomes "useless"/"pointless" after some classes. Let me give you an example:

Let's assume I add 10 new words in my vocabulary each class.

  • After the first class 10 words represent each 10% and my progress bar moves from 0-100
  • After 10 classes I have 90 words already and move from 90-100%, so each word represents 1%
  • With 100 classes my range is 990-1000 words and the progress just shows progress in the 0.1% range

It would IMHO make more sense to just display the progress of something like

  1. the progress in the last 10 classes
  2. or the last 4 weeks

to display the recent progress instead of the all time progress.

This would also avoid issues like .

As you can see in my case, the expressiveness is very low for long time students:



After around 80 classes I wonder about a particular point. So more or less with my subscription I buy a certain amount of minutes of classes. In my cases I have a subscription for 45mins classes.

But why can I not mix classes of 45mins and 60mins? There are days when I have a little more time, so I would go for 60mins. On other days 45mins classes are better. Is there any way I could mix classes of 45/60 mins?

The reservation page already seems to be prepared, we would just need a 2nd button with 60mins here.


Or it would be nice if we could just extend an ongoing class by 15mis (no class directly following, teacher and student both agree). Sometimes during a class you realize you need more time and student/teacher would/could continue. So it would be nice if this could be booked "on the fly".

recent by KWB  ·  Nov 11 '21 at 6:41 pm

If a certain slot or day of a teacher is already taken/booked out, then it could be nice to receive a notification in case it becomes available again (because someone else canceled his lesson).

This would not even need to be too complex, IMHO scheduling a notification request for a certain day would be sufficient. See example:


In that case I would set a marker like "watch that date" for the 16th and receive an email if a slot becomes available. If the canceled slot suits me I could book that one (first come first serve).

recent by admin  ·  Nov 4 '21 at 3:58 pm

We receive an email with an ics (iCalendar) file for each class scheduled. Excellent.

I would appreciate the teacher's name to be included in that calendar entry subject, so it is easier to see with whom I have scheduled the class.

The text is "Private Spanish Class with Joe Doe" and it would be nice to have something like this: "Private Spanish Class with Joe Doe and Jane Teacher"

recent by admin  ·  Nov 4 '21 at 3:55 pm

Sometimes it would be nice if I could leave my teacher a brief message before/after the class for organizational reasons. Typical examples would be:

I'll be 5 mins late
Please send me the link you have mentioned
I have problems with my ZOOM setup right now

Of course, I can do this via email, but this is sometimes inconvenient or missing a re-confrmaton.

It is VERY clear that this option must not be abused for questions about the content of the class. It is not meant for teaching Spanish, but for organizational questions only.

But it would be helpful if I could directly reach out to my teacher for organization issues. Example:

-- Edit --

Thanks for the feedback, but for me there is no list of teachers like in your screenshot. I would not know how I could send a message to my teacher.


recent by admin  ·  Nov 4 '21 at 3:53 pm

Taking your suggestions into account, we are working on introducing a new feature on our scheduling platform, which will allow the user to filter all tutors available for a specific date and time.

We will add the following features:

  • Calendar with dates available, including all tutor's schedules, denoted in red
  • Time slots available for a specific date, including all tutor's schedules, denoted in green
  • List of results filtered by all tutors available for specific date and time

Stay tuned for feature updates!


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